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Czech national soil conference "Pedologické dny"

Czech Society of Soil Science organizes annually a national conference (with possible international participation) Pedologické dny ("Soil Science Days"). More then 100 soil scientists, pedologists and people dealing with soil protection, conservation, evaluation etc., are coming every year to listen to specialised lectures on research and new developments in soil science. In recent years, the conference has a special topic:

2001: Soil, its functions, properties and taxonomy in agricultural and forest landscape

2002: Soil degradation

2003: Protection and exploitation of soil in alluvial areas

All the contributions, both oral and poster presentations, are published in the form proceedings. In addition to the scientific sessions, a field trip is organised the second day of the meeting.

Czech participation on the 17th World Congress of Soil Science, Bangkok, Thailand

Twelve Czech soil scientists participated on the 17th World Congress of Soil Science in Bangkok, Thailand, August 14-17, 2002:
  • Josef Kozák, Svatopluk Matula, Luboš Borůvka (Czech University of Agriculture in Prague)
  • Pavel Novák, Radim Vácha (Soil and Water Research Institute on Prague)
  • Jiří Kulhavý (Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno)
  • Bořivoj Šarapatka (Palacký University in Olomouc)
  • Jaroslav Staňa (Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, Brno)
  • Olga Mikanová (Research Institute of Plant Production, Praha)
  • Aleš Kapička (Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Science, Prague)
  • Tomáš Vaněk (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Science, Prague)
  • Milan Sáňka (EKOTOXA, Ltd., Brno)

  • Czech participats presented 8 posters and one oral presentation in different sessions, covering thus a wide range of topics:
  • BORůVKA Luboš, KOZÁK Josef, NĚMEČEK Jan, PENÍŽEK Vít: New approaches to the exploitation of former soil survey data.
  • JENDELE Libor, MATULA Svatopluk: Modelling of multiphase multicomponent pollutant transport in soils.
  • KAPIČKA Aleš, PETROVSKÝ Eduard, JORDANOVA Neli, FIALOVÁ Hana: The influence of industrial immisions on the magnetic parameters of soils.
  • KULHAVÝ Jiří, FORMÁNEK Pavel: Nitrogen in forest soils of the Czech Republic: a problem to be studied.
  • MIKANOVÁ Olga, KUBÁT Jaromír, NOVÁKOVÁ Jitka: Some microbiological characteristics and enzymatic activities in soils polluted with heavy metals.
  • SÁŇKA Milan, NĚMEC Pavel: Two national databases of soil properties in the Czech Republic and their use.
  • ŠARAPATKA Bořivoj, DUDOVÁ Lenka: Acid phosphatase activity in cereals roots cultivated on a medium with different pH and phosphate supplies.
  • VÁCHA Radim, PODLEŠÁKOVÁ Eliška, NĚMEČEK Jan, POLÁČEK Ondřej: Immobilisation of As, Cd, Pb and Zn in the soil by the use of inorganic and organic amendments.
  • VANĚK Tomáš, SOUDEK Petr, TYKVA Richard: Radiophytoremediation: from laboratory to field application.

  • Czech soil science was active also in the elections of the officials of the International Union of Soil Sciences:
  • Prof. Josef Kozák became vice-chairman of the commission 4.2 "Soils, Food Security, and Human Health".

  • Taxonomic soil classification system of the Czech Republic

    Authors: Jan Němeček et al.
    Published by: ČZU Praha & VÚMOP Praha, 2001
    You can order it at Department of Soil Science and Geology, Czech University of Agriculture in Prague (Czech only, with English summary)
    tel.: +420-220 921 642, +420-224 382 756; fax: +420-234 381 836

    International Conference of the Czech Society of Soil Science 2001

    In September 16 and 20, 2001, the International Conference of the Czech Society of Soil Science and the Joint Meeting of the Czech Society of Soil Science and the Soil Science Society of America with general theme "Soil Science: Past, Present and Future" was held in Prague. More information was published in the journal Rostlinná výroba CD with Proceedings of the conference is available from the secretary of the CSSS (see Contacts).