"The University of agriculture - open space for you!"

Ryszard Mazurek (Krakow, Poland) is the coordinator of the educational project "The University of Agriculture - open space for you" financed by the European Union. They want to recruit foreigneers (22 women and 9 men) and Polish students (20 women and 9 men) to the project who have finished bachelor or engineer studies and will finish Master degree in Agriculture or Environmental protection at the University of Agriculture in Poland. Study will be conducted in English for free and foreigners will get scholarship included in the project. Students from Poland will receive material support in accordance with the regulations of the scholarship system of the University of Agriculture in Krakow.

Ryszard Mazurek
Institute of Soil Science and Agrophysics
Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection
University of Agriculture in Kraków
Al. Mickiewicza 21
31-120 Kraków